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Ashley Branch is a visual and product designer with a passion for abstract thinking, telling stories, marketing, advertising, and creating memorable visual identities.

FEATURE REQUEST Case Study: Soundtrack



After recognizing limitations with Instagram's video upload feature, I set out to solve the problem. As a user who doesn't always want to include the original audio in a scenic video clip, but also didn't want to just upload a silent video, I addressed the video upload limitations.

As a way of making Instagram more engaging and customizable for its users, I found a solution in partnering with one of the music industry's leading music streaming apps. Spotify is an international application that has pioneered music discovery, streaming, playlist interactivity, and artist following. By partnering with Spotify, Instagram can boost its user base, increase user-engagement, allow users to customize the audio on their video uploads, create a platform for free artist promotion and marketing through fan-uploaded videos, and offer Spotify in-Instagram user engagement with their platform. 

Soundtrack is a feature that benefits users and musicians alike, while increasing Instagram and Spotify user engagement. This interactive Instagram feature allows users to place their stamp on their video uploads and share their favorite artists and songs with their followers. Followers can easily discover new music by checking out which song and artist is tagged in the video or they can click the link under the video to easily toggle between Spotify and Instagram. 




Desktop Chrome Extension UX/UI

This desktop web browser extension was inspired by my work with the Soundtrack Instagram feature above. This design offers Spotify users a different experience and doesn't involve another application like Instagram. This mini project offers a solution to the experiential problem with using the Spotify Web Player or desktop application. The problem being that if you work extensively in a web browser throughout the day with multiple tabs open and multiple screens that you toggle between throughout the day, it becomes tedious having to switch between tabs and applications in order to switch the song currently playing or view which song you're listening to. The Spotify Footer web browser extension allows the spotify controller to remain as a fixed nav on all web pages currently open during a session. Interact with other sites as you typically would, but have continued control over your music without having to toggle, swipe, click out of, or skip a beat when working. 


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