Ashley Branch


Ashley Branch is a visual and digital designer with a passion for abstract thinking, telling stories, marketing, advertising, and creating memorable visual identities. She has an endless love for architecture, art, and design, which inspires her to push the limits with each project she works on. 



Designer. Conceptualizer. Innovator. Collaborator. Creator. 

Ashley has been a creative since a very young age. From first exploring form, structure, and space by building meticulous Lego “mansions” to cutting out hundreds of 1”x1”images of band tee-shirt graphics and arranging them into gridded collages, she was meant to create. She’s explored and experimented with her creativity since those younger days and found her passions in art, architecture, and design. 

"I sign my name with the year I was born as a reference to the tradition of artists signing their name in the bottom corner of a painting or piece of art with the year the piece was completed. As an artist, I've done the same thing for most of my life, but I choose to use '89 because that's the year that everything started for me. My designs are ideas and concepts backed by years of learning and experimentation. I was born to design." 

Ashley spent the first half of her life in San Jose, CA, the last nine years in Oregon, and looks forward to moving to New York in July. She loves experiencing new environments and draws inspiration from dense cities, abstract art, and evocative architecture. She’s passionate about creating artfully clever visual identities, immersive interactive experiences, and beautifully sculptural environments. 

Ashley aims to challenge thought processes and stray away from the obvious through thought-provoking yet simple designs. Her personal style is high contrast with vibrant color explorations, and aims to blur the lines between fine art and design, while still telling a clear contemporary story to different audiences. 

She's passionate about creating visual identities, telling stories in an evocative way with multimedia technologies, designing interactive user experiences, and encouraging out-of-the-box thinking with carefully considered design solutions. 

Her project experiences include UX/UI design, layout design, branding and visual identity creation and production, environmental and architectural design, project management, multimedia production/video editing, production/content design, and web design.



San Jose, CA


Brooklyn, NY


Portland State University, 2017


University of Oregon, 2008-2011


Presentation High School, Honors, 2008

ACE Mentorship, Architecture Scholar, 2008


Advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. Intermediate skills in After Effects, and Audition. Excellent UX/UI design skills with Photoshop and Sketch. Intermediate HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery skills. Excellent pixel-perfect attention to detail.



Ashley Branch